No Health Threat From Smart Meters

As utilities seek to modernize their aging infrastructure and upgrade to a “smart” electric grid, wireless communications will play an ever increasingly important role in the facilitating these enhancements.
Several consumer groups have raised concerns about the potential health effects of a two way communications device, the next generation electric meter or smart meter, on their homes. This article provides a brief review of the safety standards dealing with radio frequency energy and safety and shows that smart utility devices pose no health threat. We compare other household wireless devices to smart meters to show the energy from a meter is actually less than commonly used devices.
Smart grid deployments use devices that fall into the same category as many wireless devices found in the home, such as wireless routers used for internet connectivity and wireless baby monitors. And
unlike the laptop or WiFi router in the home that are always transmitting, smart meters transmit for only a fraction of the day for short durations.